I am a Toronto employment lawyer and mediator, and a founding partner of Karimjee Greene, LLP, a boutique law firm in downtown Toronto, specializing in employment law, human rights and dispute resolution.

I work with both individual employees and employers in a wide range of employment matters. I believe that this familiarity with both sides gives me a broad perspective and makes me a powerful advocate for all of my clients.

Many of my employee clients come to me having just lost their jobs. This can be a difficult and emotional time, and many are uncertain about taking on the financial risk of hiring a lawyer to assist them. For these clients, I am pleased to offer two fee models – the traditional hourly model and a contingency fee model, where my clients only pay me if I am able to achieve enhancements to their severance packages. I hope that this ensures that no employee has to abandon their legal entitlements because they can’t afford legal representation.

I am also proud to work with many employer clients who are non-profits and charities. I offer these clients a reduced hourly rate – just my way of supporting the important work that they do!

If you have recently lost your job and need to have a severance package reviewed, or you’re looking for proactive advice about managing difficult workplace issues, or you need assistance with a wrongful dismissal claim, a human rights complaint, or any other employment law matter, I can help. Please feel free to call me at 416.238-1272 or request a consultation.